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Java For Everyone – Zero to Hero

Java For Everyone – Zero to Hero

This course is for anyone who wants to make career in Java Development, Automation Testing, Android Development.


In this course, we will focus on below topics in detail considering that you are non java developer. This course will give you lot of motivation as we have tried to put lot of examples of real word.


Very unique way to explain Object Oriented Programming like A PIE concept.


Basic Java


  • Basic computing
  • Why Java?
  • Configuring Eclipse IDE for Java
  • How to create new java project?
  • How to create a new java class?
  • Running java class
  • Viewing the results of java program
  • Learning Java
  • Introduction to Java programming
  • Data Types in Java Primitive Data types
  • Wrapper Classes
  • Declaring Variables
  • Writing java program and running
  • Conditional Statements
  • If condition
  • If else condition
  • If else if condition (nested if)
  • Switch case statement
  • Examples for all the above conditions
  • Loop Statements
  • While loop
  • Do while
  • For loop
  • For each loop
  • Examples for all the above loops



  • How to declare array
  • How to store values in array?
  • Reading values in array (1 D & 2 D)


  • Static, Static block
  • Instance, Init block
  • Constructor, chaining
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation


  • What is package?
  • How to create a package?
  • How to import package into a different class?



  • ArrayList
  • LinkedList
  • HashSet
  • TreeSet
  • LinkedHashSet
  • HashMap
  • LinkedHashMap
  • TreeMap


Exception Handling

  • CompileTime exception
  • RunTime exception
  • Custom Exception

Java Design Patterns

  • Design Pattern Concepts
  • Singleton
  • Factory, Abstract Factory


Debug Scripts in Eclipse

  • Understanding Debug
  • Using Breakpoints
  • Verify the values during debug
  • Using step over, step into
  • Tips for using Eclipse efficiently


So, don’t think much and get started. I have trained more that 5000 students/IT professionals and now they all can write code in java.




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