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Learn to create a simple 2D platformer Using Unity & C#

Learn to create a simple 2D platformer Using Unity & C#

My name is Yousif-Alsewaidi a 15 year old Game developer,

sometimes Learning Unity Game DevelopmentĀ andĀ C# scripting can be really challenging for some people so I made this straight forward course for beginners to learn Game Development basics by watching this step by step course.

This course is an introduction to unity Game-Development and making games using C#

by purchasing this course you’ll learn to make a 2D platformer Game and Learn how to add more stuff to your game like Music, Sound effects and Coin Collecting, we won’t be covering everything that the Unity Game-Engine has to offer, because beginners tend to suffer from burn-out when learning too much so I kept this course simple, easy to follow and straight forward.


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