Maya 3D Architecture PreVisualization free udemy course

Maya 3D Architecture PreVisualization


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Passion to learn
  • Basic knowledge of using Autodesk Maya


Maya animation training has become very popular; it is considered the industry standard for professional animators in markets. Its potent character animation and strong visual effects capabilities make it easy to personalize the user interface and make it ergonomic. This software allows everything from paint effects to dynamic simulations of a rigid object, soft body, cloth, fluid and hair with a massively interesting scripting language. Maya is perfect for developers, animators, film industry professionals, and graphics experts. This professional platform offers top quality for modeling, texture and shared creation tasks as well as features such as rendering, compositing software, and simulations.

Maya training lets you select from an option of included software for more efficient production pipeline associated with the project and/or client needs.

Maya training helps you increase playback speed and manipulate character rigs with multiple evaluation systems for utilizing the computer core and graphics processor to its maximum.

Maya training gives users the ability to sculpt as well as shape models with artistic creativity and an instinct that created detailed high-resolution graphics.

Maya training also creates realism through details and special effects to liquid simulations so whether the sea is calm or rough, you can capture its every mood using this software package.

Maya training guides complete results to closer proximity as compared to original geometry and deformities. From smoothing to coarsening surfaces, Maya offers a set of choices for the fastidious user. From handheld PC to Ultra HD monitor, Maya training can be acquired across forms, displays factors and resolutions of multiple kinds.

Maya training provides users specific tools for motion capture acquisition, re-targeting and refinement to use and reuse motion captured data more practical and real-time 3-dimensional engine for character rigging, nonlinear animations, on set acquisition and editing to help visualization, conceptualization and performance animation.

More realistic character reactions to outside forces can be accomplished through Maya training and resulting in real-time simulations.

Maya training also ensures that organic models use sculpting, texturing and painting toolset of sculpting software such as Mud-box.

Maya training enables users to experience cohesive and efficient pipeline solutions with streamlined data transfer workflows and compact integration between 3D suite offerings through asset exchange technologies.

Consistent interfaces provide unified hotkey for viewport navigation and other task plus F-curve editors between applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in learning about architectural modeling
  • Anyone who wants to Set Up Interior Floor Map
  • Intermediate to Advanced Users
  • An individual who wants to learn to model in 3D, fast, effective and smart.
  • An individual looking to get into Architectural Visualization.

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