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Python Turtle Art with 9 Quick Drawings

Python Turtle Art with 9 Quick Drawings

Python Turtle Art is the best way for a first time coder to get started writing lines of python code.

This course has 9 fun drawings and is designed for beginners of all ages. Each example begins with a blank page and ends with a nice drawing. It’s all done in a quick video showing every line of python code. The videos are made fun and fast so that you can watch them again and again.

Like all my courses please feel free to code along with me on all the projects. That’s the best way to learn coding. And I would like to suggest for each video (when copying the code yourself) to slow down the speed to 0.5x (which is half as fast) and to turn off the sound. I think that will be a perfect way to follow along.

Enjoy this Fast and Fun Course in Python Turtle Art.



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